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Yaremchenko: Let Sabo take Selezneva to work and pays his salary

Яремченко: Пусть Сабо возьмет Селезнева на работу и платит ему зарплату

A former mentor of Shakhtar and Karpaty Valeriy Yaremchenko expressed his opinion about the Ukrainian players who go to play in Russia

“Now criticize players who go to Russia… You know: I am a patriot of Ukraine. But listen to me. On the one hand, given the war with Russia, it would be not to go there. On the other hand – Seleznev, for example. He had only two or maximum three years to play football. The players are highly paid people. During these two years he may earn his 5-10 years in advance, because then we will lose this profession job. If you don’t come and two more years will I then lose and the profession, and earnings.

I would like to answer clogs. Let them take Selezneva to work and pays him a salary, what gets on TV. Patriot found! The patriots are not those who are sitting in Kiev… In Donetsk there are a lot of patriots, but they are forced to accept those conditions in which they find themselves. Ignoring the football Federation of those players who are now in Russia, is also wrong. This is a political solution…,“ said Yaremchenko.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the legendary footballer Jozsef Szabo believes that it is incorrect to work for the enemy.