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Xavi has named the players who have the DNA of Barcelona

Хави назвал футболистов, у которых есть ДНК Барселоны

Barcelona legend Xavi shared his thoughts on what players should be strengthened Barcelona.

“I don’t see major changes in the game of Barcelona after my departure. The tone of the entire game specifies three forwards – the best I’ve seen. So, I think, the arrival of Rakitic and buy Turan and Vidal only improved an incredible team,” he shared his thoughts Javi c El Mundo Deportivo.

“Paul Pogba is also a great player. I suffered playing against him. He will succeed against France, as with Juve, but his game is different from the style of Barcelona. But I like it. If I was given such a player, I’d take without thinking,” said Xavi.

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