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Who are you, Mr Mchunu? the view of the opponent of Alexander Usik

Кто вы, мистер Мчуну? представление соперника Александра Усика

iSport.ua is the future rival of Alexander Usik (10-0, 9 KO’s) – Thabiso Mchunu (17-2, 11 KO’s).

We will remind, recently it became known that Damir Bello refused to hold a championship bout with Alexander Usik, who was scheduled for the 17th of December. The Ukrainian team began frantically searching for a new enemy, and we have to give her credit, found for Moustache intriguing opponent.

Despite the fact that about Thabiso Mchunu heard not many Boxing fans, this athlete is not easy. The South African started his professional in 2007 at the age of 19 years. For a long time he conducted his fights only at Home from time to time fighting for regional titles. In that period among rivals to Mchunu to identify someone is quite difficult. Mention is possible unless the ex-rivals Mustache – Danny winter and Daniel brewer shoot that you pulled.

Truly serious challenge to Mchunu adopted in 2013, when he had his first fight outside of South Africa. Moreover, this fight was against former contender for the world title belt, well-known Ukrainians – Eddie chambers, who by that time had decided to fight in the heavyweight division. The fight for the first time allowed Mchunu to declare itself as a potentially top boxer, African easily perepechenova “fast Eddie”.

After that Thabiso had another two fights in the United States, he confidently defeated the uncompromising of the Nigerian Durodola (later nokautirovav prospect from Russia – Kudryashova) and then perepechenova and Gareth Wilson.

The last two fights Mchunu held again at Home. The penultimate battle has become for him a nightmare, in the tough battle with Ilangai Salines (offender Dmitry Kucher), Thabiso was brutal knocked out by Congolese.

Your last fight South African held against Burkina Faso kaboré, knocking him out in the battle for the regional title. As you can see, career Mchunu was very entertaining, and his record is replete with opponents close to the top in the heavyweight division. However, despite all the inconveniences (Mchunu also left-handed) and on the inherent African aggressive style of fighting, Alexander’s Moustache should have no problems with the first title defense of world champion.