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Who and how many receives in Ukrainian sport

Andrei Fomenko

11 November | 8:50

Recently, the Ministry of Ukraine on Affairs of youth and sports for the first time in its history has published data on the distribution of public money between the Olympic sports. The first Deputy Minister and the President of the athletics Federation Ihor Hotsul wrote in social networks: “no one ever obnarodyvat such information, only now it became possible. This is evidence of positive changes in Ukrainian sport”.

Although not all the innovation has been welcomed. For example, the winner of the Olympics-1996 in the hammer throw, and now the head of the Commission of athletes of the country Alexander Krykun not see this fact of publicity to the positive: “If I start telling my neighbor how much earned and what they spent, how this will improve my life?”


When allocating budget funds the sports are divided into three categories: summer, winter and games. Out of the total 68 % goes to the first group, 12 for second, 10 for third, another 10 in the stabilization Fund. Within groups allocate Finance on the basis of sports achievements and popularity of the sport in the country – about the number of people engaged in them. In 2015 at the beginning of November MST received 329,336 million. 247 “lemons” came in the first group, 44 – second and 37 the third.

The lion’s share (see details below), more than 39 million, expected received athletes: after all, they lived in 47 disciplines, the wide range of fans, and medals from prestigious forums bring. In second place is the most popular winter sport biathlon (27) and games above all, in sixth position, located basketball (12,5). Interestingly, handball (4,7) and hockey (4,6) get more football (4) – mol, and so the sponsors solidly help. Least, 30 thousand, has Curling, but actually dead in Ukraine speed skating and bobsleigh – even a penny. From the second winter is quite successful for Ukrainians freestyle (5,2), significantly outpacing the figure skating (3,3).

Кто и сколько получает в украинском спорте. Фото 1

The state funds go to provide athletes, their travel abroad to tournaments, and salaries (about 3000 USD) and presidential scholarships to the winners of world and European Championships are not included. By the way, in recent years, the amount has not changed, despite the drop in three times the exchange rate of hryvnia against major currencies. Also separate money from federations and the National Olympic Committee.

Кто и сколько получает в украинском спорте. Фото 2


President biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak said “news” that, despite the fact that his appearance gets more than most, actually of state funds is still not enough. “By and large, funding from the Ministry goes only to the main team, but for the young people and juniors have to pay extra. Besides we do have our trip to Korea, Canada, USA, and this is the high cost of flights. In addition, the implementation of public tenders, we are often not satisfied because need a pair of skis, rifles, ammunition, lubricants specific foreign producers, and we buy them for the money Federation. For example, a pair of skis costs 400 euros (and they each have 20-25), a jar of grease – 90, rifle – 4500, and one shot costs 20 cents. Foreign experts also pay not from budgetary funds”, – says the head of the realities of the biathletes.

Exactly how much of the funds of the Federation and sponsors is necessary for the maintenance of athletes Brynzak difficult to say (“closing “holes” as needed”), but assistance from the NOC appreciated somewhere 400 thousand UAH. For comparison, the President of the FBI said that the budget of the Russian biathlon is almost 10 times bigger than ours – $10 million. “If we were wrestlers or boxers who need practically only one room, we spent less,” he found the joke Brynzak.