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What Wladimir Klitschko is doing after losing to fury

Andrei Fomenko

30 November | 10:20

Defeat Volodya for many was a big surprise, including to his team. He is already a former champion worthy to accept defeat, congratulated fury, and at the press conference, smiled. However, what was happening in the shower Klitschko, it’s hard to say.

However after the official part, our boxer to the questions of journalists were answered just a minute, that still speaks of his shock. “It is necessary to comprehend what had happened, an analysis of the battle, to understand why he failed to make his plans, and then decide what to do next. Thanks for the attention,” his emotionless pragmatic approach Vladimir did not surprise anyone.

The parties confirmed that the contract stipulates the right Klitschko for a rematch. However, when and where it will be held, will be there at all, is unknown. Boxer just noticed that the Christmas holidays are approaching and, likely, a decision he will announce in 2016.

The most “sober” in this situation it was the voice of Vitaly Klitschko, who drove Manager Bernd Bente from his seat at the table and decided to share my opinion. “Today, Vladimir showed neither must combat readiness, and good technique – especially not much to look at in his performance. Brother needs to decide and if he wants to change,” firmly concluded the mayor of Kiev.

Что Владимиру Кличко делать после поражения от Фьюри. Фото 1

The main question: whether in preparation for battle is the reason? If only this, if we are serious about Vladimir can and should adequately prepare for the rematch and to try to return to the throne. But there are doubts whether he will be able with the coaches to choose and to put into action winning tactics? And will he have enough health (after all, Klitschko is 39, while the fury – 27)? And the presence of motivation is important: if the Ukrainian’s desire to exhaust myself for months and to prove that he is the real champion?


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