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Voronin: the Best candidate for the team than Shevchenko, I don’t see

Воронин: Лучшего кандидата для сборной, чем Шевченко, я не вижу

Ex-player national team of Ukraine Andriy Voronin shared his opinion about who will be coaching the team after Mykhailo Fomenko.

“He played in many Championships, worked with the best coaches in the world. He’s got some baggage behind him, is that he could send or show our young players. The best candidate for the team than Shevchenko, I don’t see. Alien we will never have, and change Demyanenko Mickle, Mickle on the beet, the beet on after Christmas will be an endless chain. Most likely, Shevchenko will be the next coach of the national team”, – said the former footballer.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Andriy Shevchenko could become the assistant to Fomenko in the national team of Ukraine.