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Vitali Klitschko announced the triumphant return of Vladimir

1 December | 8:32

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko said the defeat of his brother Vladimir, a former champion in three versions heavyweight champion, Briton Tyson fury.

“The show goes on. — quotes the words of Vitaly Sportbox. — I’ve heard a lot that our fights are boring, and before them there is talk of the next opponent, and the audience was used to the fact that Vladimir always wins all the fights. But now, in my opinion, the next fight will cause great interest. Many experts will say that they did not recognize Vladimir. Me too. Vladimir is one of the most technical fighters in the world. Usually he has good form, and he fights strategically. This time we saw neither good conditions, nor good technique. The reasons will be able to tell later. It is too early. Vladimir has great potential, but because the question arises: in the rematch he will be in great shape, or it wasn’t an accident? Only he can answer that question. Let me just note that we have not seen the huge potential of Vladimir”.

On Saturday Klitschko in a fight with fury lost the belts in the WBA, WBO and IBF, losing by unanimous decision: 115:112, 115:112 and 116:111.


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