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Vettel obscenely spoke to the quata

Феттель нецензурно высказался в адрес Квята

Sebastian Vettel once again dissatisfied with the behavior of Daniil Kvyat during the Russian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel reacted to the incident with Daniel Cvetom which the German had to go the distance.

In the beginning of the race several cars collided, resulting in Vettel and Hulkenberg were forced to go the distance.

The clash was triggered by Cuatom, which pushed back the car Vettel. German pilot obscenely spoke to the Russian pilots after the incident.

During this manoeuvre, Kvyat was punished with a 10-second penalty and a stop in the pit lane.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Vettel and Kvyat had an argument after the Chinese Grand Prix because of the dangerous maneuver of the Russians.