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Vernydub: We were born and raised in Ukraine and should respect and love their Motherland

Вернидуб: Мы родились и выросли в Украине и должны уважать и любить свою Родину

Coach Zorya Luhansk told about the attitude of the fans to the team before the match of the Europa League with the Polish Lehi

“I read sometimes online. The Ukrainian people to our team is very positive. I think we achieved that with his play and attitude.

The second year we are not playing house, and playing, as settlers in Zaporozhye, Kiev. Attention don’t pay. His job must do it professionally. Kiev is the capital city and Zaporozhye – industrial city. Championship hold in Zaporozhye – there we are convenient and good. The Europa League has to play in Kiev. Very grateful to the Kiev fans who come to our matches and seriously support us. It was during the match against Charleroi. Hopefully, tomorrow will come too many people to support our Ukrainian team Zarya Lugansk. We will try not to disappoint them.

We were born and raised in Ukraine and should respect and love their Homeland. If parents could give it to their children, but they understand it. On my team, I hope everybody understands this. We will play for our club Zorya Voroshilovgrad and Zorya Lugansk Ukrainian club,” he said, vernydub recognize the official website of Dawn.


Recall that the first match of the playoff round of the Europa League Zorya – Metalist will take place on 20 August in Kiev. On SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 20:00.