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Vernydub: I’m the type of person who will not betray the club

Вернидуб: Я тот человек, который не предаст клуб

Coach Dawn Yuri Vernidub willing to continue the contract with the club.

“I’m the type of person who will not betray the club. And if to me there will be interest on the part of Dawn, I am ready to continue to work. If there will be any serious offer from another club, I will say this about the President and CEO, and we will discuss how to proceed. It will be correct.

Our President Eugene Heller ready to continue to work for the benefit of Dawn.Yes, there are financial problems, but the leaders of the club are making every effort to have the team properly prepared for the second round of the championship. Those fees that we have planned, take place without any problems, and the President confirmed it. Plus, those debts that are, will slowly be repaid,” said Vernidub.