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Vernydub: I Hope that will be a good, “fun” match with Legia

Вернидуб: Надеюсь, что будет хороший, "веселый" матч с Легией

Head coach Dawn Yuriy vernydub commented on the upcoming match of the play-off round of the Europa League against Polish Legia

“Prepared for the match, as expected. Many will not speak. Let’s wait for the match and all will see. Will try to get a positive result, just as well as wants-and our opponents.

Watched quite a lot of material on the Legion. I have personally seen all five matches of the Polish club of the championship of Poland. Legia – team is very serious level in all lines. There are many strong players – Nikolic, Guilherme, kucharczyk, Duda. Can mark not only the attack, but defensive, because in 5 matches poles missed a bit. Looked, introduced, and will introduce children to the game of Legia. Will try our best to get a positive result.

The mood in the team is very positive. Confirmation of this – our last game. The last three matches we won. Beat Charleroi, Marseille and Chernomorets. The team preparing the plan. Confident in his guys. Expect from them a good game. They raised the bar very high this year. Hope continues to play like that.

Like all clubs have problems, and we have it. Are still in the infirmary Doroshenko, Totovytskiy. Unfortunately, added pilyavskiy in this list. Nothing wrong with that. We have other players that should replace them.

I, like any other coach, and I hope my dream is that my team won and we went to Poland in a good mood. We are waiting for two matches, so even a home win means nothing. After only two meetings it will become clear who will go further, and who focus on the domestic championship. I hope that will be a good, “fun” match,” he said, vernydub recognize the official website of Dawn.

Recall that the first match of the playoff round of the Europa League Zorya – Metalist will take place on 20 August in Kiev. On SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 20:00.