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Vernydub: I believe that Dawn nothing is lost

Вернидуб: Я считаю, что для Зари ничего не потеряно

Coach Dawn promised to fray the nerves of Legia in the second leg.

“The first thirty minutes we played, had moments. Was what was scheduled. Controlled the game completely. Don’t know what happened after the 30th minute of the first half. Lost control of the ball, control the midfield. Started much mistaken, that is not characteristic of us.

Thought after the break to make adjustments, to refresh the game. Went Dima Nimani, Zeljko Ljubenovic. Somewhere flawed, conceded an unnecessary goal of the standard. Although there were the opponent more times and the crossbar.

However, can’t be blamed for something their children. They tried. Maybe somewhere failed. There’s a return match. Said and continue to say that at this stage the two meetings. Need to lift the head, to correctly analyze the match, clean up the mistakes that were add in Poland even more aggression to come out and fight.

I believe that nothing is lost. 1:1, 1:0. Would still have to score, because we passed. We will try to score and not to concede. Waiting for our second game.

Nothing to worry about. In life all wrong. Have to get over it. Real fans will always be with the team. When well and when ill. Well, we will try in Poland nerves Lehi Pat,” said vernydub.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net wrote that dawn lost the match first leg play-off round of Europa League qualifiers.