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Vernydub: Everything is in our hands and you can still change

Вернидуб: Все в наших руках и все еще можно изменить

Mentor Zorya Luhansk Yuriy vernydub has shared his opinion with journalists regarding the Europa League match against Legia.

“The mood is normal. The first half we lost 0:1. However, everything is in our hands and you can still change. Preparing for tomorrow’s match very seriously and will try to show, first of all, good football.

Although we are well aware that the Legion got a head start. Playing in Warsaw in a great stadium and with the support of the fans of the opponent. However, all is decided on the field and all the judge the second half of our match.

I know that I have great players. They understand what awaits us tomorrow. In that year, unfortunately, do not fall into the group stage, having conceded a goal in the last seconds of the match against Feyenoord. This year we also have a very strong opponent. It will be very hard. It will be very interesting tomorrow’s confrontation. Let the strongest win and the one who deserves it more.

Knowing Lehi and their fans, who will not allow them to sit in the defense, for sure they will go forward. We can’t sit, you need to score. It will be very interesting. I hope that those who come to the game – you will not regret.

Andrew pilyavskiy in the ranks and perhaps we will be able tomorrow to help. But it will be tomorrow, so let’s not rush things. Most importantly, he is healthy and ready to play.

HR is no problem. Only – due to the fact that the three cards received Igor Tchaikovsky, he will not be able to play tomorrow. Everyone else in the ranks,” said Yuriy vernydub.

Second leg play-off round of qualifications for the Europa League Legia – dawn will be held today, August 27. The game will start at 22:00. In the home match against Legia dawn conceded with the account 0:1.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the second leg of Dawn against the Legion will be judged by the Germans.