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Van der Meer: so Far we only lost the battle

Ван дер Меер: Пока мы проиграли только бой

Eric van der Meer commented on Cup match against Dnipro, in which his team lost 0:3.

“We knew in advance that we are expecting a difficult match. The game promised to be difficult, and this came out, because competed not just any Amateur team, and with a very strong and experienced team Dnipro. I like dynamic pressure from football, but be aware that today it would be simply impossible.

Tried to defend himself as he could, and his team said one or two chances ahead of us still. I think we all remember that early in the game, this is the opportunity to throw the goalkeeper and opened the score we had.

First goal conceded after a silly foul in the penalty area, so for the first half, the minimum lag was normal. In the second half, the game was before the error. In defence we have not finished the game then ended. Still, we had a chance to score, that’s just Papa Gueye was in the right place and have taken him away. Yeah, lost 0:3, but you can find positive aspects. The Dnieper river today was too good.

Pankiv has played at a very high level, but the highlight I would not become. In addition, we have in this position a serious competition, and the final result depends on the whole team. Even if the goalie helps out constantly. Ahead of the second match against Dnipro, while we lost only a battle. Also hard to prepare for Saturday’s game with Alexandria”, – said the master of Steel.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Dnieper resumed the season with a victory over the Steel Cup.