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Ukrainian journalists have rated episode Yarmolenko, Stepanenko

Украинские журналисты дали оценку эпизоду Ярмоленко-Степаненко

Ukrainian journalists commented on the fight during the match Shakhtar vs Dynamo

Roman Bebeh (Reporter of channel 2+2):

“I do not see the provocation by Stepanenko. Yes, he ran to the Dinamo fans. But he showed neither FAK nor other gestures, as it did at the time, Garmash, for example. Then came the cuffs and everything else, but to call it a provocation is impossible.

On Yarmolenko’s hard to say. I did not expect from him such act. It was necessary on the field to show their strength, in the framework of wrestling. I think that the three match suspension is the minimum.

Igor Tsiganyk (senior program Profootball):

“I’m against revealing provocations. In our football should work the respect. Once Garmash showed ugly gestures, I’m against it. As against the indicative emblems of kisses in front of other fans. If you want to do that in front of their own, they will support you. And so we have the situation tense. And it was a provocation.

Artem Frankov (editor Football):

“As for the conflict, it is necessary to listen to and the words which the rivals exchanged at the same time. Very often we lack this information. Stepanenko, when he scored the third goal, ran to celebrate with their players, and ran to the Dinamo fans. Indicative kissed the emblem of a miner. The Dynamo, as I understand it, it reacted to this demarche. In the world of football things like kiss the emblem in quite a course, they met and in the matches of Dynamo and Shakhtar. But it was made among those players who scored the goal. But the act Stepanenko looked strange. The reaction of the players of Dinamo was totally inadequate.

Yarmolenko was stupid, was a blow that could cause substantial harm to the health, and even his partner on the team. Now you need to open the disciplinary rules of the FFU, watch what will be disqualification on a few matches. Then on the field appeared Kucher, Andriy received from him. Even from one player national team of Ukraine. It all looks so dirty, unacceptable and such anti-advertising of football that even talking about it is uncomfortable.“

Action Yarmolenko – beyond. It even does not justify that he stood up for the fans, but most importantly, there is a sense that for anyone it has not stood up in fact, and when the score, for example, 1:1, nothing like this would do, and just lost it after 0:3“.

Cyril Krutonog (the Commentator of channel Football):

“Stepanenko showed the logo of his club – is an emotion that is inherent in football. Relatively speaking: Cristiano Ronaldo, scoring at the camp Nou, beats his chest and shows the logo of real Madrid. This could cause discontent of opponents is logical, given the stress of the match and its price. In any case, the degree of match involves outrageous emotions. Any gesture may like one and to lead others into a rage. But here, I believe, was not a criminal provocation.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Shakhtar reserve team defeated Dinamo. At the end of the fight on the pitch broke out conflict, Yarmolenko, Stepanenko received red cards. Also from the stands I had to watch the match Mircea Lucescu.

Watch video brutal fight of the players of Shakhtar and Dynamo: