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Ukrainian boxer Mitrofanov: Now all thoughts of a world title fight in Russia

Украинский боксер Митрофанов: Сейчас все мысли о чемпионском бое в России

Dmitry Mitrofanov became the first Ukrainian boxers won a license for the Olympic games, and on 13 September he could become the first Ukrainian champion APB.

At the open training session Alexander Usik before his fight with johnny Muller you could see many former and active boxers. Among them especially popular with fans enjoyed the leader of the Ukrainian team in Amateur Boxing Dmitry Mitrofanov.

Mitrofanov currently the only Ukrainian boxer, who won the license for the Olympic games 2016. He did this through the APB project, which has 13 of September to become the first Ukrainian champion, if you win the final battle against the Russian Artem Chebotarev.

Boxers have already met three times between itself and while the advantage in personal meetings on the side Chebotareva, who won two matches. How are you preparing for the championship battle, Dmitry Mitrofanov said in an exclusive interview with SPORTS bigmir)net.

– Now spend sparring. Work on many rounds. Are volume training and can say I was on the peak. Already have gathered on the General physical preparation, and now more technically.

– Do you already have a game plan?

– In previous encounters with Chebotarev I lost because of errors in technical and tactical training. Now we know what we will do, we know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, on which it intends to build the fight. More I cannot tell you.

– The duel will be held in Russia. Ready for what the audience will be rooting against you?

– I want to say that my previous battle with Michel Tavares was held in Moscow and then the Russian public with me she took it well. Now against Artem Chebotarev understand that I will not be cheering for me, especially if the fight will take place in his native Saratov. It’s not for certain yet. But I’m ready for it.

– What are your overall impressions of the project APB?

– From the beginning, we went into this project because I wanted to get to the Olympic games. Now the main goal is the Olympics, and then all your fitness goals can change.

I can say that I’m happy with the transition in APB. Primarily realized my dream – I will go to the Olympics. You can now win the championship APB, to hold him, to show good Boxing and get better and better.

– How will you prepare for the Olympics, because it would have to be reconstructed from the format of the fights in 8 rounds to compete in 3 rounds?

– Not yet thought about how to prepare for the Olympics. Now all my thoughts only about APB and champion the fight with Chebotarev. So far not a peep. But I think before the Olympics we will have the opportunity to participate in the tournament in the Olympic Boxing to better prepare for Rio.

– It is clear that now all my thoughts about the Olympics. And has received offers from promoting companies with proposals to move to professional Boxing?

– I signed a contract with APB, so now my thoughts are with this project. I’m training to become a champion, to show good Boxing and professional Boxing don’t even think.

Talked – Volodko, Vitali, SPORT bigmir)net