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Ukraine with fights and blood came out for Euro 2016

November 17 | 23:43

The most difficult match of the Ukraine national team played in Slovenia. An easy walk home after a 2:0 our team did not. Narrow and pitch neutralized the advantage of Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko on the wings and to the owners of the imposed struggle, we were ways off.

Provocations come from the first minute. The referee Çakır did not have time to whistle. But the Slovenians have made it. In the opening game managed to score the necessary goals. After the filing of the flank-Pyatov didn’t see the direction of the shot, reacted at the last moment, parried, where Cesar was on duty.

Украина с боями и кровью вышла на Евро-2016. Фото 1

With such a beginning, our team could easily fall apart. Many were nervous. Surprisingly, the most calm looked Khacheridi, Rakitskiy and Shevchuk. Mark kept until the final whistle. Fortunately, in the future easier.

Closer to the break established a team game, there was a moment in Seleznev. Even better was in the second half. Some attacks were threatened Handanovic several times. Could score blows from the middle distance Konoplyanka, Yarmolenko, Shevchuk, Sergey Garmash…

Alas, not pressed. And the Slovenes have a second wind. Twice dead balls were pulled out by Pyatov. The ending of the match is generally held with his penalty.

The degree rose to such a level that stopped the game because of a thrown fireball, later broke the head Kravets. Of çakır was removed brečko for a foul on Konoplyanka and became calmer.

Украина с боями и кровью вышла на Евро-2016. Фото 2

And on our last seconds left three of us on one goalkeeper and Yarmolenko scored a lucky goal – 1:1.

We are going to Euro 2016!

How it happened:

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