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Ukraine gored Slovenia and avenged all the insults

Andrew Kudirka

18 November | 8:45

Yes there is! Finally! The sixth attempt we have removed the damage of the playoffs and gave a decent answer of Slovenia for all previous grievances. Ukraine will play on the second Euro in a row. Bravo, Michael Fomenko and his team! Come and with us on your street a holiday!

But, of course, no one promised that in Maribor it will be easy. And nerves were on edge until the final whistle, which lasted until the 98th minute. Not once, not twice remembered missed chances in Lviv, loomed the specter of France two years ago (we also won — 2:0, but guests lost 0:3), and the fans were not tired to remind that the stadium in Maribor is the most lucky for the Slovenians. Not like for us lions, but still.

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Украина забодала Словению и отомстила за все обиды. Фото 1
Photo: Reuters

The Slovenians lit passion

But it seemed that the match started in our scenario: 1 minutes for elbowing in the face Seleznyov received a yellow card to Cesar, and Konoplyanka’s free-kick narrowly missed the six, but was saved by handanovic. But immediately it turned out that in Lviv we saw a fake Slovenian national team — the Saturday option was too shy, but yesterday upped the tempo so that sparks showered.

Srečko katanec put on the match of two pure forwards in the midfield we have, in theory, was to develop a numerical advantage, but we couldn’t see it. The hosts are very quickly passed to the front, the ball practically was not late in their legs, and with every loss, they immediately began pressing, which sometimes turned into outright felling. Already on the 4th minute of the clash of masonica brečko Linnets and almost caused a mass brawl, and on the 25th jokić cut down Yarmolenko, and again boil of passion.

Cesar precise Masonry

Apparently, katanec other recipes decided to try the time-tested provocative. In 1999 in Ljubljana, his team was able to leave Ukraine with nine men due to deletions, this time installing Fomenko to keep his hands worked at 100%. But the game of football before the break we completely did not work — only towards the end of the half managed to show a few multi-attacks. The flanks were tightly covered, the Central Midfielders more ruined, Seleznev too often begged the penalty and the moment in the 28th minute after pruning of Kampl to implement failed. Other clear chances we had. But Slovenia are a dangerous double-shot on the Stove, but scored a Cesar — the main guard of the team, which is the third pace drove the ball into the net after a free-kick.

Umnichka Pyatov

In the second half we came out not so notorious. The Ukrainian team started to get a counter play and on 50 minutes, Konoplyanka broke to the left in the center of the shock position and hit the bottom, but handanovic showed once again who is now the most expensive player in Slovenia. He later rescued after the shock of Yarmolenko and Shevchuk, Rakitskiy controlled shot that sent the ball above the crossbar.

But overall the game both teams in the first half, too chaotic. However, chances were no longer with us, but Fomenko’s not just something emotionally expressed wards, and the Katanec had no reasons for joy. His players, though sarbatori a number of corner kicks and free kicks near our goal, to score more failed. Although Cesar had all the chances to become the hero of the match in the 74th minute when beat his head into the bottom corner, he pulled out umnichka Pyatov.

Three against one

It seemed that the owners are preparing for a decisive attack, but thanks to local fans who suddenly decided to throw penalty of Ukrainians flares. This pause finally dislodged the Slovenes out of the rut. They lost because of fouls, strikes and provocations, but they themselves suffered. Kravitz in injury time even smashed his head to the blood, but Çakır regretted Cesar. But brečko, which frankly cut down the Linnet — no. For implementation of the majority it took us four minutes. In the 97th minute after pruning of Kampl in midfield Kravets, Andriy Yarmolenko and Harmash three of us ran out of Handanovič. Not realize this point, the Dynamo could not.

Now in June we are waiting for France and at least three nervous match. Wait, you deserve!

Savoring and waiting

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