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UHL. Kremenchug stronger Kryvbas

УХЛ. Кременчуг сильнее Кривбасса

Held a postponed match in the 22nd round of the championship of Ukraine.

Completed the next match in the Ukrainian hockey League, in which the applicant for gold medals Kremenchug has produced a landslide victory over Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih.

In the first period of the team’s long looked narrowly to each other, although the possibility of both teams all knew before the start of the meeting. As a result, the first frame of Vyazovov and Petrov kept their gates shut, though, and the moments for opening the account was good.

The start of the second period was over the team of Dmitry Podgornogo, which could open the scoring in the second minute effort Gavrik, who famously put a stick under a throw from the blue line in the performance of Ignatenko. Then at the end of the period the hosts managed to win thanks to goals Maximenko, but only in 36 seconds the visitors were ahead after goals Kirshenkov.

Early in the third period Kirshenkov scored twice and increased his team’s lead to two goals. Two minutes later the team of Kryvyi Rih played one washer efforts of the Ravens, who was assisted by Ryabenko. After four minutes the players of Kremenchug has removed all questions on the winner of the match thanks to the effective throw of the head, and the final point in the match put Petrakovskii five minutes before the final siren.

Thus, Kremenchug produced the sixth victory in a row and closed the gap on the leading of Donbass to six points. The Kryvbas 14 points behind second place but have two games in hand.

Kryvbas – HC Kremenchug 2:5 (0:0, 1:2, 1:3)

Washers: 21:18 Gavrik (Ignatenko, Gg) – 0:1; 38:27 Maksimenko (Alexandrov, Raven) – 1:1; 39:03 Kirshenkov (Gnidenko, Gg) – 1:2; 42:37 Kirshenkov (Gnidenko, Gavrik) – 1:3; 44:31 The Raven (Ryabenko) – 2:3; 46:36 Basco (Hey, Kuzmik) – 2:4; 55:27 Petrashevski (Romanenko, Melnikov) – 2:5

Goalkeepers: Vyazovov – Petrov (Petlenko, 51:07)

Shots: 27 – 36

Penalty: 6 – 14

Kryvbas: Vyazovov (Beskhlebny); Katrich – Alexander, Belousov – Decalo P – Ryabenko, Gorlushko; Maetok – Shaft. Aleksyuk – Slusar, Savchenko, Sakirko – Popov, Podgurski – Kutsevich, Kovalenko, Fistula – Maksimenko – Raven, Ruban

KHK Kremenchug: Petrov (He); head – Andreikiv, Ignatenko – Isayenko, Varivoda – Romanenko, Melnikov, Degtyarev; Korenchuk – Kuzmik – Gavrik – Gnidenko – Kirshenkov, Petrakovskii – T. Gritsenko – Covalent, meadow – Chernyshenko – Black