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UHL. Kremenchug broke knight, Generals lost to Kryvbas

УХЛ. Кременчуг разбил Витязь, Дженералз уступили Кривбассу

Held a regular matches of the 20th round of the championship of Ukraine.

Held a regular matches of the Ukrainian hockey League. one of which was for the contenders for the title, while the second leader had a meeting with one of outsiders of the championship.

In the first match of the leader of the championship of Ukraine Kremenchuk on its site have left chances of success Vityaz Kharkiv, which in the last round unexpectedly took points from Kyiv Generals.

If we talk about the composition of the team, Kremenchug to celebrate the return of experienced goalkeeper Mikhail Shevchuk, who had long recovered from injury and returned to the George Kitsch. The ‘ no shake-up was, except that the returned striker Nikita Popov.

If to talk about the game, in the match for all three periods was a huge advantage to the team of Dmitry Podgornogo. which is practically nothing given to make the guests ‘ line of attack at the gate. In the first period at the gate of the former goalkeeper of Donbass Eugene, Nabanco signed just three players Kremenchug, on what the knights were able to answer only one abandoned by the washer the efforts of Ilya Decalo in the majority.

In the second period, Kremenchug scored another three goals into gate of guests, and the third one to secure success. Composed of the owners of the site can highlight Vitaly Kirsanov, who scored four points from two goals and two assists. and Ilya Korenchuk scored twice.

Thus, Kremenchug scored 45 points and continues to lead the standings UHL, and Vityaz Kharkiv eight points and fifth place.

KHK Kremenchug – knight 7:1 (3:1, 3:0, 1:0)

Washers: 04:50 Kirshenkov (Isayenko, Kitsch) – 1:0; 13:29 Korenchuk (Gritsenko) – 2:0; 18:07 Decalo (Hanin, Efremov – large.) – 2:1; 18:16 Szymanski (Covalent) – 3:1; 30:10 Kirshenkov (Isaenko, Gnidenko – large.) – 4:1; 32:56 Ignatenko (meadow, Kirshenkov) – 5:1; 35:49 Korenchuk (Melnikov, T. Gritsenko) – 6:1; 56:37 Gnidenko (Kirshenkov Melnikov – less.) – 7:1

Goalkeepers: Shevchuk – Naprienko

Shots: 46 – 21

Penalty: 10 – 12

In the second match in Kiev Generals on the ice took Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas and suffered their fifth defeat in a row.

As for the recaps. then Kiev was missing one of the team leaders Bogdan Saks, which in the last match against the knight got a penalty, and Krivorotov went out on the ice the strongest.

In principle, if we talk about the game, the Generals turned the game in the attack at the gate of the guests. but here’s the final throw is clearly not enough and Denis Cherepanov confidently defended two periods to zero. But the team of Kryvyi Rih for the first forty minutes twice bitter goalkeeper of Kiev Petrova. Early in the first period the score was opened by the captain of the Kryvbas Sergey Chernenko, and early in the second – Valentin Aleksyuk.

Only in the end of the third period the hosts managed to win back one washer efforts of Kirill Bondarenko are in the majority. but Kiev is not enough. Also note that in the middle of the third period Dmitry Nimenko couldn’t convert a free throw.

Thus. Krivbass scored 40 points and pulled away from Generals by 16 points. In Kiev in 24 points after 18 matches.

Generals – Kryvbas 1:2 (0:1, 0:1, 1:0)

Washer: 08:01 Chernenko (Nimenko, Karaoluk) – 0:1; 21:33 Val. Aleksyuk (Karaoluk, Alexandrov) – 0:2; 57:37 Bondarenko (Tatarenko, Basque – great.) – 1:2

Goalkeepers: Petrov – Cherepanov

Shots: 25 – 37

The penalty: 14 – 16

57:49 Nimenko (Kryvbas) is not realized the bullet