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UHL. Donbass defeated White leopard

УХЛ. Донбасс разгромил Белый Барс

Hosted the final match of the 21st round of the championship of Ukraine.

Was the last match of the next round of the championship of Ukraine in which the current champion of Ukraine Donbass on its site confidently beat Belotserkovsky with White Bars.

As for the team, Shakhtar have absent forward the affair of the Good, is played by the young Vadim Mazur. At the gate instead of the goalkeeper Tsaregorodtseva played his understudy Bogdan Dyachenko. Also absent Pobedonostsev and Khakimov, who rested after the trip to Denmark for the continental Cup. If we talk about bilotserkivtsi, they have a place in the gate entrusted to Yuri Krasnopolska. In the application for the match lacked Alexander Lelchuk and best striker Maksim Razumov.

In the first period, the team of Anatoly Stepanischev possessed a significant advantage, but there were no pucks, but its not missed. But in the second period the Pitmen could not find the keys to the gates of the opponent, as guests from the White Church first opened the scoring in the game, due to the delayed penalty. The author of the only washers in the composition belotserkovtseva became Nazar Ruzhnikov.

In the third period, the Donetsk team immediately began to storm the gates of Yuri Krasnopolsky and twenty minutes of playing time in his nets scored seven goals.

In the end, a convincing victory of Donbass over the White Bars with a score of 7:1 and the first two periods pull on the bad mood of the team after the failure at the Continental Cup in Denmark. The winners of the scroll of Oleg Shafarenko and picture of Jakovleva who scored in double. Also three points per game, scored Evgeny Nikiforov, whose asset one goal and two assists.

Thus, the Donbas produced a fourth win in a row and now his gap from the championship leader Kremenchug is only six points, but Shakhtar have three games in hand. White Leopard is a ninth defeat in a row and they are still in last place of the standings UHL, behind ahead of knight at five points.

Donbass – White Leopard 7:1 (0:0, 0:1, 7:0)

Puck: 32:10 Ruzhnikov (Butler, Voronin) – 0:1; 40:33 Skein (Nikiforov, Butsenko) – 1:1; 43:15 Nikiforov – 2:1; 47:38 Butsenko (Lalka, Nikiforov) – 3:1; 49:44 Yakovlevs (Ramazanov, VL. Aleksyuk) – 4:1; 51:51 Shafarenko (Kochetkov – large.) – 5:1; 52:47 Shafarenko (Egorov) – 6:1; 53:17 Yakovlevs (Egorov, Bolshakov) – 7:1

Goalkeepers: Dyachenko – Krasnopolskiy

Throws: 35 – 13

Penalty: 26 – 12