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UHL. Donbass confidently beat Kremenchug

УХЛ. Донбасс уверенно обыграл Кременчуг

Hosted the final match in the ninth round of the Ukrainian hockey League.

In the last match of the ninth round of the Ukrainian hockey League was the Central confrontation between Donbass Donetsk and Kremenchuk. Both teams continue to fight for the top awards and not going to give up. Recall that in the first round produced a victory Kremenchug, who defeated Shakhtar with the minimum account 2:1.

The present champion of Ukraine due to health problems in the application have not got several players, namely Shafarenko, Zakharov, Bondarev, demyanyk and Ramazanov. At Kremenchug due to injuries absent Ignatenko and Kitsch, and the team captain and defender Romanenko continues to serve his four-game suspension.

In the first period, the team made a lot of mistakes near their own goal and could not really entrenched in a strange area, perhaps affected the excitement and the importance of the result. Well, in the ninth minute the home team in Druzhkovka was able to open the score and take the lead, thanks to goals in the performance butsenko, who received a pass from Nikiforov and threw accurately in the “house” Tsaregorodtseva – 1:0. Note, the first point of the Novel Good for the Donbass.

At the start of the second period, the team of Anatoly Stepanischev twice had the opportunity to play in most, but the moments did not use, well you can also highlight a good game of the goalkeeper and the national team of Ukraine Zakharchenko. And only on the third attempt a minute before the break the Pitmen sold the most and doubled their advantage in the account. Gavrik famously struggled at the side, and then was given a transfer to the blue line, where Bbw cool roll with brushes struck the top corner of the goal – 2:0.

In the final period, the Donetsk team had a small advantage, but already in the fourth minute of the guests played one washer efforts Degtyarev, who locked transfer Isaenko at the far post – 2:1. After this goal the game settled down and both teams began to play even more careful. And now for seven minutes before the final siren cool Kochetkova solo run through several opponents ended accurate throw between guards Zakharchenko – 3:1.

Thus, Donbass scored 16 points and after seven games played, is in third place, and Kremenchug fell back to fourth place. The backlog of Donbass and Krivbass Generals is only one point, but the team of Anatoly Stepanischev have a game in hand.

Donbass – HC Kremenchug 3:1 (1:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Washers: 08:51 butsenko (Nikiforov, R. Good) – 1:0; 18:51 Bbw (Gavrik, Babinets – large.) – 2:0; 43:52 Degtyarev (Isayenko, Korenchuk) – 2:1, 56:48 Kochetkov (Kugut, Bolshakov) – 3:1

Goalies: Tsaregorodtsev – Zakharchenko

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev (Dyachenko); VL. Aleksyuk – Kugut, RAM – Carp, Bbw, Petrukhno, Pobedonostsev – Grigoriev; R. Good – Butsenko – Nikiforov, Kochetkov – Bolshakov – Egorov, Babinets – Gavrik – The Attic, The Crow – Mazur – Fistula

HC Kremenchuk, Ukraine: Zakharchenko (He); Isaenko – Degtyarev, Varivoda – head, Ivan – Vasilyev, Savitsky; Korenchuk – Kuzmik – Covalent – Gnidenko – Petrashevsky, meadow – Karpenko – strikers, Mikulka – T. Gritsenko – Janiszewski