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UHL. Donbass again defeated Kryvbas

УХЛ. Донбасс вновь обыграл Кривбасс

Took place moved the match 8-th round of the championship of Ukraine.

Ended the regular match of the Ukrainian hockey League, in which the current champion of Ukraine Donbass are met with Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih, who also claims to medals of the championship. Recall that the last time these two teams played in-person meeting the third of December.

Compared to the previous game, the team of Kryvyi Rih were missing goalkeeper Cherepanov, the main defender Belousova and forwards Tolkunova and Kutsevich. With regard to the Donbass, then he missed a meeting starting goalie Tsaregorodtsev, is played by a young Dyachenko. Also in the proposal did not get injured Good and Zakharov.

In the first period, and in the course of the fight the advantage of Donetsk team was obvious, but here is the account open managed only 15 minutes of effort Khakimov, who scored in the majority.

In the second frame the teams exchanged goals. First, in the middle of the period leveled the score Karaoluk, and four minutes later the Pitmen took the lead again, thanks to a goal in the performance of Jakovlevs.

In the third period the teams played more cautiously, but in the middle period, Kryvyi Rih was sent off and Donetsk this immediate advantage, and the author of the goal was Kugut. The final point in the match put Shafarenko, who scored two with small minutes to a final siren.

Thus, Donbass, got the eighth win in a row, and set a new UHL record for wins in a row, which previously belonged to Kremenchug. After playing this game at the Donbass three points more than in Kremenchug, but Shakhtar have the game in stock. As for Kryvbas, for them, this defeat was the fifth from the Donbass and the second in a row. At the moment, Kryvbas is in third place and behind from Kremenchug to 12 points.

Kryvbas – Donbass 1:4 (0:1, 1:1, 0:2)

Washer: 14:05 Khakimov (Kugut, Nikiforov – large.) – 0:1; 30:46 Karaulschuk (Macriţchii, Val. Aleksyuk) – 1:1; 34:31 Yakovlevs (Shafarenko, Egorov) – 1:2; 48:14 Kugut (butsenko – large.) – 1:3; 57:41 Shafarenko (Egorov, Kochetkov) – 1:4

Goalkeepers: Beskhlebny – Dyachenko

Shots: 25 – 34

Penalty: 12 – 8