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Tymoshchuk: Many with whom I continue to communicate in Russia, supporting our country

Тимощук: Многие, с которыми я продолжаю общаться в России, поддерживают нашу страну

Ukraine midfielder Anatoliy Tymoshchuk shared his vision about the political situation in the country.

“As in Russia? Everyone has their own truth. We know that many people convey the news – television, Newspapers. We have TV shows the truth. They have a different truth. People live what they see. I think few people can objectively assess the situation. But many with whom I continue to communicate in Russia, support our country,” said the player.

“Of course, this situation is not only for the state, but for any human grief and misery. I hope that we are so strong and unified as a state that will find a way out of this situation and return of peace.”

“Everyone has their own truth. If during the communication start some arguments, we try not to talk about this. To convince impossible. Everyone has their own point of view. They have their own country, and what they see, they analyze. No matter how hard I tried, neither spoke. And said I am in Ukraine and know more, it is very difficult to convince. This is probably impossible to do.If you start a very heated debate, I and my friends are trying this situation do not touch” – said Tymoshchuk.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Fomenko and Tymoshchuk chose Messi in the voting for the Golden ball.