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Tsiganyk: the League Format should be as simple as possible

Цыганык: Формат чемпионата должен быть максимально простой

On the eve of tomorrow’s meeting of Premier League broadcaster channel 2+2 has shared his views on how he sees the new format of the championship

“90% of matches have no meaning and, therefore, the interest of the audience. In this case, the channels pay to the clubs of the wild, absolutely inadequate money. If nothing changes, soon the TV will no longer bother to buy this product. What we care about – at least 80% of matches must be contact when playing at about the same level of the team, and to have competitive value. Even match, relatively speaking, men Olympic, if the team are to solve some task, will get the audience’s interest.

Ideally, the format should be as simple as possible – if the viewer will not understand the scheme of the lottery, he immediately loses interest. Therefore, the second stage is not a good idea. Moreover, now in Ukraine high-profile players will be enough for ten teams, at most. We believe that the ideal format of 10 teams in four rounds. But it turns out 36 rounds is too much, have to play the whole year without a winter, are Windows on the world and European Championships.

So we agree on another option – 12 clubs, two rounds, the second phase with the division of points in half and the breakdown of the “6 on 6“. And to three of the club fell into the relegation zone – two left the FDA and took the tenth place play-off matches. So we need to play at least two Championships to stabilize the situation, it is very important for television. And then, on the third season you can go back to 16 teams and the usual format. We are also interested in more clubs – so the geography of the audience. But not now, of course.

Of course, it is important for us and the quality of the clubs – their brand story. So you can’t just pick the teams from the first League to replace conventional metal. He better troubled clubs will fall in the first League and there comes to.

With regard to a single TV pool, this is a very complex idea. Channels of different orientation – paid satellite and terrestrial. They solve different problems. But you can figure out how to combine our money into one Fund, from which each club will receive their – equally some part and the rest in bonuses for results. This will allow the middle to get more and help in the fight against dogovornyakami“, – said Igor Tsiganyk sports website Tribuna.com.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Ihor Surkis expressed his attitude about the situation with the format of the championship of Ukraine.