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To bring Blue moon: t-shirt Rooney for the pupil to man city

Предать Голубую луну: футболка Руни для воспитанника Ман Сити

An interesting episode occurred after the match the FA Cup between Manchester United and Reading (4:0).

The author of one of goals scored Wayne Rooney suggested the defender of reading George Evans exchange jerseys, but he pointedly refused this idea.

Played a role integrity 22-year-old guy (until last summer he was listed in the youth team of Manchester city) or players corny forbidden to change shirts in order to save, but the fact remains football player who today marked the 249th goal for the most decorated English club, kicked 22-year-old from the championship.

Apparently, later Evans came to his senses and realized what refuses, because after the match he not only tried to justify for his actions, but also congratulated the club legend, who back in the summer hated it with a repetition of the record of sir Bobby Charlton for the number of goals for the Red Devils:

“In order to clarify the situation: was annoyed by a horrible match, but in the room under the stands, I exchanged shirts with Rooney. Congratulations to Wayne with today’s achievement!”.