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The Ukrainian athletes in China called the police

К украинским легкоатлетам в Китае вызвали полицию

Several members of the national team of Ukraine, who arrived in China at the world Championships in athletics, became victims of counterfeiters.

According to xsport, counterfeit money issued by the Bank in the lobby of a 4 star hotel. Some people suffered, but most of all 22-year-old runner at 800 meters Anastasiya Tkachuk and her coach, a former Sprinter, champion of Europe 2002 in the 4x100m relay Konstantin Rurak. Fake said the taxi driver, who did not take the money.

It is noteworthy that at that time approximately half of the amount has already been spent. Fortunately, the coach kept the receipt for the exchange, and combat thanks to the perseverance of Anastasia in the exchange office in the hotel lobby managed to get compensation for the damage. The police were called and the revised recording surveillance cameras.

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It turned out that an employee of the Bank, converting currency Ukrainians, have not checked it on a special machine.