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The transfer market has gone for inventory

Трансферный рынок ушел на переучет

In Europe on 1 September transfer window closed in the vast majority of countries. In some leagues it pulls back, it will be easier to assemble those who did not manage to find a job in time. For example, in Israel transfers are possible until September 20. But the Spanish goalkeeper De GEA will not go.

Although the history of his transfer from Manchester United to real Madrid came almost Hollywood. The parties had waited too long to negotiations, and in the end of late registration of transfer at 26 seconds. The TMS system is already locked. Last hope — FIFA that can get in an awkward situation the two giants.

The third record MU

In Europe generally, many transfers are issued on the last day, when the parties do not have time to maneuver and unnecessary movements. On the last day was almost a broken record summer box-2015, but it turned out that 80 million euros, which allegedly ready to pay Manchester United for 19-year-old Martial Monaco, almost half composed of different bonuses. The actual amount, according to Transfermarkt, is 50 million

But Martial may boast that became the most expensive footballer in the category U-19 for the story. In 2001 Barca gave for Saviola to 35.9 million euros, in 2004 the DOJ paid for Rooney 37 million, after which the DOJ has twice updated the record last summer — 37.5 million for the Show, now 50 — Martial. This is a trend — hunting is expensive for the juniors.

From Stirling to Cech

And the transfer of Sterling to Mancity (62.5 mln Euro) became the second largest value for players U-21. Record of Neymar, whom Barca in 2013 paid 83.5 million euros, resist. By the way, Martial in this ranking took the third position, ahead of such stars as James (45 million), hazard (40), Lucas (40).

But in England this summer was updated record on the opposite flank — move the goalkeeper Cech from Chelsea to Arsenal at a cost of 14 million euros. For a player over the age of 32 such money has never been paid, and former achievement Xabi Alonso (Bayern gave real Madrid 10 million) only lasted a year.

Well, the most expensive footballer in the summer of 2015 became a Belgian De Bruyne (74 million euros, was given to the “Wolfsburg” rich Mancity). With this, he took the 7th place in the world ranking of transfers for the story. Although the DOJ has attempted to raise to the top of Neymar. Brazilian press reported that the English offered to Barca about 300 (!) million euros for the striker, but the Catalans refused.

Douglas Costa Is No. 3

In Ukrainian football records were not set, although the Shuttle service in Costa Bayern took 3rd place after two Shakhtar players — Fernandinho (40 million from Mancity) and Mkhitaryan (35 million from Borussia D). Anyway CHU in terms of big transfers for awhile takes a break. Except that the giants will sell to someone from the leaders. But in the winter.

England have spent more than a billion

A deafening amount of 1.17 billion euros in a joint effort spent this summer on new players, the clubs of the English Premier League (for the whole of last season, given the winter window — 1,21). For that money you could buy almost three of the championship of Ukraine (the total value of the players — 433,3 million). Sold more than all there, in England (591,8 million). Among the clubs customer No. 1 this summer was Mancity — 203,38 million euros.

But in the top-10 only three Englishman (MU — 139,7 and Liverpool — 111,91), and second place unexpectedly took Valencia, bought beginners at 141.75 million

The sellers through the Martial first popped Monaco (160,4), podinovski Porto (120,9). But the Dynamo in the UEFA Champions League in the balance of this best of summer (+83,9 million). Good job and Shakhtar (+46 million) is the fifth figure for net profit.