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The Russians see in the disqualification of the athletes and the conspiracy will be justified

Andrei Fomenko

November 16 | 9:41

On Friday, the international athletics Federation (IAAF) adopted hands-free solution for an indefinite period to be removed from all competitions, including the Olympics, all the Russian athletes – due to massive and regular doping violations.

The move was expected, but still stirred the world of sports it’s not every day one of the leading powers so severely punished. Not in the least surprised by the unanimous vote of the IAAF Council – voted member 22, against – one. Against the tide decided to go with the President of the NOC of Ukraine Sergey Bubka. He argued that it is impossible to row all “under one comb”. They say, only the guilty should suffer. But the President FLEW Igor Hotsul decision, supported his colleagues.

In addition, it was believed that because of the sponsorship of the Russian banks and oil and gas companies international organizations and competitions in the Russian Federation in the sports world there is a powerful lobby, including in athletics, but in this case it didn’t work.

Recall, suspension from the IAAF followed the report of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and its recommendations. Realizing the seriousness of the punishment, the world is waiting for the Russian sports officials adequate action against the perpetrators. If Russia goes back on their word, pleads guilty and he will take exemplary measures against doping, then, according to experts, the penalty will cancel or make conditional.

But if people like coach Viktor Chegin from the school of race walking in Saransk, whose 20 (!) pupils, including Olympic Champions, were taken in by the use of prohibited substances, and will continue to award state medals, no pardon would be possible. For example, in July, the international basketball Federation has also been suspended from all tournaments of national teams of Russia (because of the mess in the management of the FBI), but in August reversed its decision after the Russians realized that trifled with, and gave as head of the Federation Andrei Kirilenko.

In Russia itself, have different attitudes to new sanctions. Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko believes that the Russians pay too much attention, while other things are unclean. As Executive Director of the Russian anti-doping Agency, Nikita Kamaev said that his Department is ready “clearly” to answer the charges. On this background, quietly held a meeting of heads of sports federations in Sochi, which has recently conducted the Russian President, allegedly to discuss preparations for Rio 2016. But without a doubt, sanctions to the athletes and the reaction to them was also discussed. These days, some of the Russian sites are conducting a survey about attitudes to punishment, and it is significant that half of voters believes that what is happening is a global conspiracy against athletes of the Russian Federation.

The situation expected at the WADA meeting in Colorado (USA), scheduled for November 17-18, where we are waiting for explanations from the Russian side.

The magnitude of the scandal adds that in history there were only a few such punishments, for example, in respect of the weightlifters of Bulgaria and Iran, almost complete teams come to the doping. By the way, a four-year sentence before the Olympics in 2008 threatened the Russian rowers, but the emergency measures have helped to prevent it. However, in a strange way the results once the medal for Russia species declined precipitously.


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