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The representative of UEFA, Neither the club nor the mayor can’t ban the fans to come to the game

Представитель UEFA: Ни клуб, ни мэр города не могут запретить болельщикам приехать на матч

The decision of the mayor of Ghent Daniel Thermon deny Zenit fans to come to the League match champion is not legitimate.

“Neither the mayor nor the administration of the football club “Gent” can’t make a final decision on the admission of fans of the guest team on the match.

If there are any problems with the security of the club or the football Association of Belgium must notify UEFA as the organizer of the tournament”, – said the representative of UEFA.

Earlier, the mayor of Ghent forbade the Zenit fans to come to the Champions League match, explaining the decision consequences of the conflict Russia and Turkey.

Note that the match of the sixth round of the group stage of the Champions League between “Ghent” and “Zenith” will take place on 9 December.

Recall, the international relations of Russia and Turkey have deteriorated sharply because of the incident with the Russian SU-24 bomber, shot down on Friday Turkish air force during the military operation against ISIL militants in Syria.