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The President of the movement: When showing videos with Aliyev – many hair will stand on end

Президент Руха: Когда покажу видео с Алиевым - у многих волосы станут дыбом

The President of the Amateur movement Gregory Kozlovsky shared his impressions of working together with ex-Dynamo midfielder Olexandr Aliyev.

“In Vinniki Aliyev came popular love. When he came down from heaven to the people, the people saw that he was a simple guy, who has his pros and cons. He is fun, funny footballer, exactly the same as everyone else. Aliyev was inaccessible to people. Vinnicombe loved him sincerely.

In Lviv met with the owners of night clubs, not to be missed on the disco. President Dynamo Igor Surkis in Kiev to do it was much harder. Understood and always supported him in what he needs to be mindful of their vocal abilities. Closed in my restaurant, took command, Sasha, musicians, ten took the microphones and sang together. Believe me, it was something to see,“ said Kozlovsky.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Oleksandr Aliyev and Maksim Shatskikh came to an end contracts with the movement of Vinnikov