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The player Anji threatened Russian model with punishment

Игрок Анжи угрожал российской модели расправой

Anji midfielder Ilya Maximov was in the center of the scandal.

Russian model Ekaterina Beketova has told how she was threatened by an Anji player Ilya Maximov, with whom she was having an affair.

“Ilya told me that the first time you fell in love. All his friends told me that his so happy never seen, and even in the last three games he began to show better results. Suddenly my friend said that he is married. I even thought this in my head not slipped. I knew that he lives in one room in Makhachkala. When he called me, I asked him why he was cheating on me. He said he is now in divorce proceedings and I should trust him,“ said Beketov.


Игрок Анжи угрожал российской модели расправой

Ekaterina Beketova


“We still texted, but I felt that he was lying to me, to divorce he is not going to. I offered to discuss the situation with his wife by phone, to immediately solve everything. He freaked out, began to insult me. I asked him more me not to write and hung up. He then started to off my phone with threats, to say, I’ll smash your head white. You will be responsible for everything. He feared that I’ll post his photos in the Internet,“ added the model.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Russian football player disqualied from driving for 1.5 years.