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The national team of Ukraine for the Euros will get millions

November 18 | 12:04

Having made it to the finals of Euro 2016, the national team has earned 100% bonus bonus, which was promised before the start of the qualifying tournament.

As informed earlier, the Chairman of the Board the exclusive commercial partner of the FFU “Ukraine Football international” Volodymyr Lashkul (then, however, the President of the FFU Anatoly Konkov was), the prize was calculated as follows. “In case of a victory over a team pays 50% of this amount. 50% goes into savings, and if the team goes into the final of Euro 2016, these savings are paid to the players. What could be this amount? Somewhere 1,25 million euros. Plus we offered an extra bonus to the team. Another 1 million Euro for an exit in final part Euro. It turns out that half a million will be paid in the course, and another half in the case of withdrawal. And plus a million.”

A total of 4 million. So much was announced in November 2014. However, in games with major competitors, Spain and Slovakia, our team took only one point, so the amount of the premium will certainly be adjusted.


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