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The head coach was named the national team of Ukraine working team

Главный тренер назвал сборную Украины рабочей командой

Team Ukraine performs in Kiev last workout before starting on Saturday of the Tournament. Yesterday, we received a new form in which with jokes and antics had a photo shoot. In Latvia, the Ukrainians will play the white or blue uniforms.

Somewhat chagrined was American rookie Jerome Randle, last week received a Ukrainian passport. His last name Randle showed how Rendl. The defender tried to calm down, explaining the spelling peculiarities of Ukrainian transcription, and head coach Evgeny Murzin expressed the wish that this problem has been to Jerome the largest.

“In the first friendly meeting with the Finns Randle I just didn’t know – no points and two losses for polacca. Although overall I am pleased with the level of sparring and training, – told us the steering team. – Well, that last appearances with the Finns: their game is similar to the style of the Baltic teams with whom we happen to fight. Perhaps the team is not as stellar as before, but, as I call it, is working”.

Was pleased with the coach and the players, because the endings of control meetings were able to “speed up” although sometimes we had to talk with the guys tough, manly. On Thursday morning the team will conduct from the hotel “Rus”, and in the afternoon she will go to Riga.