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The guys tried, but carries the strongest – vernydub

Ребята старались, но везет сильнейшим  - Вернидуб

Head coach Dawn Yuriy vernydub commented on the departure of his team out of the Europa League.

“First of all, heartily, congratulate Lehi exit in the group stage of the Europa League. They deserve it after beating us in both matches. Although today’s match was good quality, had a lot of balls. My guys never gave up, but carries the strongest.

So, somewhere is not finalized. Let’s focus on the League and try to qualify for the Europa League next year. Maybe the third attempt we managed to get into the group.

If you evaluate his opponents Legia much stronger Charleroi. Legia – Grand Polish Ekstraklasa. The selection of players are quite serious, so the club is always in the lead in the championship of Poland.

How different will be our team? Guys we are all young, good enough. Many of them are requests from other European clubs. Of course, I wish all were and we have kept this team. And how will decide the guide – will show time.

I wanted more speed, because we played away and lost in the first meeting. What I have planned in the first half, not so well realized, but nevertheless. We had to score. Wanted to saturate the fast attack players.

It’s a shame that we conceded the first goal in the second was a rebound… Though they scored good goals. Perfectly executed penalty Nimani and Malinowski. Let’s move on and hope that in the future we more lady luck shines.

Rotation in defence? We do it not according to our whims. Tony Sunic we had a very good football player, unfortunately, he went to the Kuban, and has now signed a contract with Stuttgart. Was vernydub, but left in Gabala. You have to collect the defense again. Sivakov, pilyavskiy, Checher – guys high enough level.

During the year we lost seven key players. This is Alexander Gritsay, who has retired and now works at the club, Yannick Pain, sunic Tony, Danilo, Vitaliy vernydub, max White, max Malyshev.

Losing so many players for the year – very much. However, in my opinion, we are showing a pretty good game,“ he said, vernydub recognize the official website of Dawn.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that dawn was unable to go to Lehi in the play-off round of the Europa League, losing in the second leg, which took place in Warsaw, with the score 2:3. The first meeting of the teams also ended with the victory of the Polish club – 1:0.