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The Euro 2016. The results of the third day’s play

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

iSport presents to your attention a summary overview of the third day’s play of the championship.

Today gave us three totally different games, each of which unfolded a story. History places new, and places long ago all familiar, but in all cases very interesting.

The most entertaining football in the tournament

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

Game day was opened by the match of Croatia vs Turkey. On the way to the finals of Euro Turks left behind a Board of tournament of a regular participant of the continental Championships – the national team of the Netherlands, which in itself speaks about the capabilities of the Turkish team. Croats also have a team of very strong performers, many of whom are giants of European football such as real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. On paper, the Croatian national team looked more preferable, but football is played on the field, because I really wanted to see what these guys are capable of. As it turned out, they are capable of the lot.

The Croatian team showed the best game of anyone we have seen on the Euro. From the first minute cellular seized the initiative and began to attempt to come forward. Basically, the Croats tried to use the crosses, the main target of which was, of course, Mario mandžukić. Also on submission often responded Ivan Perisic, bursting at the position forward from the left flank.

For some time the Turks had managed very successfully to defend and consolidate all the game Croats to constant flanking transmissions. But his word said the real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric, who turned an ordinary removal of the ball the Turkish defenders in the incredible beauty of a goal.

After the break, the Croats took control of the game, not least thanks to the actions of the midfield, led by Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Marcelo Brozovic. The chances of the Turks arose one after the other – a couple of times rescued the goalkeeper was twice saved by the crossbar, and sometimes players Croats lacked only a few centimeters to reach the ball and pass the flank lumbago in already empty gate.

All were impressed by the Turks – this is a beginner Borussia Dortmund Emre Moore, who came on as a substitute in the second half. Game 18-the summer guy was the only bright spot for Turkey in this match, which could and should have ended with a crushing score. In the end, only 1:0 at mind-blowing game to the Croats.

Great Lukito!

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

After the match, Croatia coach Ante Čačić called the team midfielder Luka Modric one of the greatest players in the history of Croatian football, and argue with him in this not only does not work, but don’t want to. You look at the game differently Modric with his mouth open is impossible. Almost every pass reaches the target, a perfect vision of the field and control the game. A real conductor, which has a very decent shot. Bravo Luca! Bravo for Croatia!

Who is not asleep, he found the victory of Poland

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

The second match of the day was much less interesting from the point of view of the level of football that was happening. For anybody not a secret what kind of football played by militant Irish, however, this time they managed to surpass themselves. Northern Ireland is overly absorbed in the protection and tried too much to act with a power struggle, which, admittedly, might provide them draw. To expect anything more in such a game they could not, while the Polish team really wanted to get points in the confrontation with the alleged outsider of the group.

It should say that in the attack the poles is absolutely no surprise. In most cases, their game came down to the long gear Robert Lewandowski, who tried to drop balls on the course partners. Most often Robert tried to find his former teammate Cuba blaszczykowski, who looked very active and aimed at the gate. Very good I played the match and defensive midfielder Sevilla Grzegorz Krychowiak, who was forced to always fight for the ball against Irish in the midfield.

The second half started just as the first ended – however the poles managed to score. All the same blaszczykowski received the ball on his favourite right flank and gave it to the center of Milik. Without thinking, Arkadiusz odd jobs round your favorite left and fired a low shot into the near corner. The defenders of Northern Ireland attempted to block the blow of the pole, but managed only to prevent his goalkeeper that is due to heaps of players did not see the moment of impact. The ball slipped through the forest of legs and into the net and Poland, having her, just defended their goal to zero. It was absolutely not difficult, as the end of the match the Irish were never able to create something distinct possessions near the poles. Not to risk it and decided themselves red-and-white, finishing the match very boring, but incredibly important a minimal victory over Northern Ireland – 1:0.

Worse than Russia

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

If You thought to play offensively is worse than the national team of Russia is impossible, You were wrong. Northern Ireland in the first half, managed to beat the seemingly unshakable record of our neighbors shot the opponent’s gate. In the match against England, the Russians made a “terrific” achievement, breaking through on goal only once in the first half. It was the worst result in the European Championships since 1980, but he lasted very long. Northern Ireland have decided to take away Rossi all the glory, and not shot poles not once in the entire first half. Thus, the Irish have set an unbreakable record as to hit less than zero time simply impossible.

Pride and disappointment

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

The third and most important for us the match was the game of the Ukrainian team against the current world Champions, the Germans. Of course, we all hoped for the best possible result, but if before the match we were told that Germany wins with 2:0 score, no one would be particularly surprised. Another thing, if I said that the Ukrainians will “carry” the opponent about the pitch in the first half, this turn of events could not foresee virtually none.

Our team started the match, perhaps, with one unexpected change in the squad – instead of the projected Ruslan rotan on the field appeared a young Shakhtar midfielder Viktor Kovalenko. Immediately is to say that promising guy worked the match as it should, providing decent resistance to the middle line of the Germans. Germany on the field rather suddenly appeared Julian draxler, who is in the starting lineup, expect to see not all.

The beginning of the match was a little hectic in the performance of both teams. The Germans often lost the ball in simple situations and have sinned inaccurate transmissions, and the Ukrainians looked very shaky in attack, without much enthusiasm passing the center of the field. The game woke the goal of our team, which, as often happens in the case of the Ukrainian team, came with standard. Mueller speed run down the right flank, where he was in a hard sliding tackle cut off Yaroslav Rakitskiy. The ball went one of the best performers of the standard provisions in the world Toni Kroos, who had taken a round right on the head Shkodran Mustafi. The defender of the Germans pierced the nine gates of the national team of Ukraine, and worked for our kids like a clock.

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

The team was transformed, emboldened and starting to play their game. Midfield of Ukraine greatly added to the movement, and any ball flying out of the penalty area after the innings of Andriy Yarmolenko and Yevhen Konoplyanka, he immediately returned back into the possession of our team. Themselves filing repeatedly over dangerous moments. First Khacheridi was shot after a corner kick in the performance of Linnets, but Neuer fished the ball from under the crossbar thanks to a brilliant reaction. Then Yarmolenko famously moved the ball to the left flank to the oncoming Linnet. Once on the open space in front of the gate Eugene decided to break in contact, and he turned out pretty good. Neuer was already played and could get the ball from own grid, if not for Jerome Boateng, who first took the shot and then sluchevskiy, knocked the ball with ribbons their goal.

In between these moments was a dangerous counter-attack the Germans, but with a kick, Sami Khedira returns Andriy Pyatov made a save. At the end of the half, the Ukrainians and does have swagger. Serhiy sydorchuk on the right flank first beaten with a partner heel, and then sent the ball between the legs of Thomas Mueller than applause Ukrainian fans. Ended the first half of the match under the stands shouting “well Done!”, our team are fully deserved.

During the break, Joachim löw led his team to sense, and made some adjustments. The Germans are much better played in midfield, trying to deprive Ukrainians of possession, and that is to say, they succeeded. Also was very successfully removed from the game Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko, which just stopped within the transmission. Realizing that the center of the field they lose, the Ukrainians off for long passes forward that, in the presence of the low attack of Roman Zozulya, no result could not.

Fomenko responded quickly to the situation on the field, and released instead Zozulya Yevhen Seleznyov, who was once again to fight for such high balls, but the Central defenders, the Germans continued to operate virtually error-free without leaving our striker no chance.

Sometimes, the Ukrainians were able to create pressure and play the ball at the entrance to the opponents ‘ penalty area, however, apart from a free-kick for Rakitskiy, from dangerous moments to mention practically nothing. The Germans in this respect was much sharper. Some good long shots performed Khedira and Kroos, and a great time had Mesut Ezil who accepted a long pass from deep and broke one on one with the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine. Andriy Pyatov played for the experience and not make a blunder, once again saving our team from the goal. However, even Pyatov failed to turn away the inevitable.

In stoppage time, the Germans managed a quick counter attack. Isil broke on the left flank and delicately pass found at the far post by substitute Bastian Schweinsteiger, who set the final match score was 2:0.

On the one hand, such an account does not reflect occurring in the field, but on the other, it shows the problems of the Ukrainian national team – the lack of impact of the striker, poor chances and inattention during the standard provisions.

However, the Ukrainians may be proud of such a game for his team, despite the upsetting outcome. In the first half the team openly played the rival and confronted us, for a moment, the world Champions.

Therefore, it remains only to thank the guys for the excellent match and wish good luck in future meetings, because after this game the hopes of the fans and expectations of the team increased significantly.

The Return Of Basti

Евро 2016. Итоги третьего игрового дня

Today’s football night was symbolic not only for Ukrainians but also for the German fans, who for the first time saw the triumphant return to the field his captain. The team Joachim Loew has always distinguished the fact that its long-term leaders equally perform well in the national team, despite the club’s season. Poor performance, Sami Khedira returns and Bastian Schweinsteiger in their clubs did not prevent them to show the highest level of football in today’s game, and a favorite of the German public, Swine, and even scored a goal.