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The end of the season of Formula 1: neojidannyi progess Red bull

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

Completed season of the Royal race and iSport.ua summarizes the results for the Austrian team Red bull.

Expectation and reality

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

Before last season in 2015 of the Austrian team Christian Horner was a huge problem, because the team forgot what victories and podiums on different tracks. All the fault was the power plant of the French minders Renault, which was awful and it was a big scandal and quarrels, but in the end, Red bull has not found a new supplier of motors for the season 2016 and had to prolong the contract with Renault.

Before this season the team did not set any specific tasks and stages before the first stable seriously worried. Before the start of the season ricciardo and Kvyat talked about the fact that the Bulls gave predictions that in the beginning of the season they will be behind their Junior team Toro Rosso. Pre-season tests, business was bad: Yes, new motor Renault under the brand of watches “TAG Heuer” was inferior to the Mercedes power, but the chassis RB12 from Adrian Newey came out gorgeous and in terms of aerodynamics, Red bull was one of the best on the slopes.

Well it turned out the end result – everything turned out great and even this progress was unexpected.

In the first race of the new season, the Austrians were inferior in pure speed teams Mercedes and Ferrari. Ricciardo was consistently performed in the qualification and earned points, but Kvyat all these castling with the rules of the qualifications ruined life. He repeatedly failed in qualifying, but then successfully performed in China, which brought the team their first podium, and his new nickname from Vettel “Russian torpedo”.

Then after a failed stage in Russia through the fault of the Russians, in teams Red bull and Toro Rosso have all been known to reshuffle Quat went back to Toro Rosso, but in main team he called a young Dutch talent of Verstappen. Already in the first race at the Grand Prix of Spain Verstappen blew up the world Royal racing, becoming the youngest driver who won the Grand Prix. Then there was a stage in Monaco, where Red bull could easily take a second victory in Formula 1 in the season, but because of the terrible mistakes of the mechanics at the pit stop, ricciardo lost it and the Aussie took only third place.

After the stage in Monte Carlo Red bull received new engines Renault for two cars, which allowed the team to slightly reduce the backlog from Mercedes, but this “little” was enough to retain Italian stable Ferrari. From the Austrian Grand Prix the pilots of Red bull were the main competitors to the racers Mercedes and only twice have they failed to take a place on the podium before the end of the championship.

Then in the final part of the season Red bull was again able to win the race, taking advantage of the “failure” Mercedes, namely, accident Rosberg at the start and burned the engine of race leader Hamilton. Celebrated the victory of Daniel Riccardo, who finally drank out of a Shoe. It is the triumph in Malaysia allowed the team Christian Horner ahead to take second place in the constructors ‘ championship. So clearly, this season the Austrians spent with dignity and can bring it to your asset.

The performances of the pilots of the team Red bull

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen

Daniil Kvyat

Held Grand Prix




Place in individual competition








The best result in the race

1-e (Malaysia)

1-e (Spain)

3rd (China)

Quick circles




To finish ahead of teammate








Victories in the qualifications




The best result in qualifying

1-e (Monaco)

2-e (Belgium)

6th (China)

To get to the second segment




Getting into the third segment




Let’s start with Australian racer Daniel ricciardo, who reminded everyone that he is a pilot course the pilot of the top-level. Throughout the season, Daniel played very steadily and surely, and when he pressed Verstappen, he kept his cool and worked it. For the season, he has made good progress: took pole in Monaco ahead of Mercedes, produced a victory in Malaysia and finished the season third after two unattainable riders of the Silver arrows.

Turn to young Dutchman max Verstappen, who showed that not a gift, it was brought up by his father to achieve the objectives. Now Verstappen is not just young talent and a rider with a great name and fame due to its multiple established records of Formula 1. Already in Spain, the Dutchman has shown that it is not for nothing that they called him from Toro Rosso to replace Kvyat. I would also like everyone to remember his magnificent Grand Prix in Brazil, where he was twice out of the tail of the peloton. Another interesting point – on account of Verstappen greatest number of overtaking in the season, so he really deserved a place in a top team.

And finally, a few words about the Russian pilot Daniel Kvyat, who has played for Red bull four races. In the beginning of the season a total failure in the qualifications, and the most significant event for him was the podium in China, after which there was a continuous hell. At the home Grand Prix in Sochi, he twice rammed Vettel, after the German of Ferrari has gone, and this accident has deprived of chances of the racers Red bull for a good result. As a result – back to Toro Rosso, where he regained confidence, but only at the end of the season.

Best Grand Prix

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

If not for a terrible mistake of the mechanics at the pit stop ricciardo in Monaco, rally of Monte Carlo was the best, so the best race for Red bull was the performance in Malaysia.

On the track in Sepang fate returned to the Australian all the debts of the failed Grand Prix of Monaco. 40 laps Australian unmistakably chased leader Hamilton, then the British fired up the engine. As a result of Riccardo came in first place, followed by everscape. Pilots Red bull moved confidently around the track and gave the fans a few rounds of fighting with each other, that has not prevented the Australian to win the race, and max to come to the finish second. This one was the only not only in season but for the whole era of turbo engines.

The worst Grand Prix


Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

If you choose the worst race, here it is possible to allocate two stages. The first is the Grand Prix where the race was ruined on the first lap. Kvyat twice rammed Vettel than ruined not only the race itself, earning a penalty and the future translation in the Toro Rosso, and ricciardo, who were injured in the batch. As a result, both the pilot of Red bull outside the top-10 of the peloton in the eyes.

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

The second horror happened at the Grand Prix of Italy, where it was seen very seriously lagging motor to power not only from Mercedes but also Ferrari. Racers Red bull struggled with Williams and Force India, while Ferrari were chasing the Mercedes. As a result of labor fifth place, ricciardo and Verstappen seventh place, which failed start.

Expectations from the season-2017

Итоги сезона Формулы-1: неожиданнырй прогесс Ред Булла

The only team that can really interrupt the winning streak of Mercedes is Red bull.

The main reason for such optimistic predictions for the Bulls is a change of the technical regulations, which will be in the next season. The new rules will bring the Royal Motorsport new demand in the aerodynamics and in this strong Austrian team, which employs a talented specialist and Creator Adrian Newey. Due to the better chassis Red bull can remove the gap from the Mercedes to the power of engines.

Also worth mentioning that at the moment Red bull is the strongest pair of pilots, as in the title stable the loss in the form of Nico Rosberg, who retired. Plus the team has established a business relationship with the supplier of motors Renault.

The only weak spot is the French power plant of Renault. Let’s see what motor will prepare French motorists for the new season, and most importantly whether they will be reliable and competitive.