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The cause of death of the legendary velogosti

Установлена причина смерти легендарного велогощика

The investigation established that the death of a famous cyclist Marco Pantani was caused by suicide, not murder, according to Cycling Weekly.

The body of Pantani, one of the best mountain riders in the history of professional sports, was found February 14, 2004 in room of La Rose. Ten years later, the Prosecutor of Rimini, at the request of the family the athlete’s newly launched an investigation into his death. The investigators examined the hypothesis that on the night of the death of Pantani could stay in a hotel room alone, and unknown beat him and forced him to take a lethal dose of cocaine.

On Friday, the investigation was completed. The official cause of death of the cyclist was identified as suicide.

“There is no evidence that Pantani was killed. The results show that his death depended solely on his own actions. The door and Windows of his room were locked from the inside, no one was able to close them (except Pantani)” – quoted gazeta.ru the Prosecutor Giovagnoli.

Pantani during his professional career from 1992 to 2003, won a total of 46 victories. In particular, he was the bronze medalist world champion road Cycling in 1995 and winner of the Giro d’italia and Tour de France in 1998.