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The boys Play with the Kiev Arsenal will be tough, even rough

Защитник Шахтера: Игра с киевским Арсеналом будет жесткая, даже грубая

The Shakhtar defender Serhiy Kryvtsov commented on the upcoming match of his team in the 1/16 finals of the Cup of Ukraine against Arsenal capital

– Sergey, 1/16 final stage consists of a single match. The teams have no margin for error. This fact will add entertainment?
– In any case from the Arsenal will be indoor soccer. We need to be patient, to break their defense, not to make mistakes and not give them a chance to break on the counter.

– Before the match, there is very little time. Will the miner to recover after the fight with rocking?
– I am sure that we will recover. I think rotation will be held during the duel with Arsenal’s footballers will that have less match practice. Will have the opportunity to Express themselves, show the best quality and to get in shape. For me personally this is very important, because I missed a lot due to injury.

For Arsenal it will be a supermatch. Accordingly, the opponent will be extremely motivated. Waiting for their aggressive play?
– To this it’s already time to get used to. Against Shakhtar all operate with a double dedication and transcendent motivation. In such games, the skill, the technique, the work with the ball fade into the background. The players try to act for himself and for the team to insure each other. Work is progressing at two hundred percent. It turns out that the game takes place on another side of the field where the opponents defend the entire team. I would not say that the Second level of the players, the League is very different from the First. So I am adjusted very seriously. I must show my game, calmly carry out their attacks, to undermine their defenses. If we do not lose our tactics, we will qualify.

– Since the beginning of the season Arsenal in four matches, scoring only three goals…
– Arsenal recently formed anew. Besides, now the beginning of the season, the team has many new players, they changed the coach. In Kiev the staff, apparently, is being reorganized, but from our side should not be underestimated. Again, it’s only the beginning.

– Speaking of the headquarters of the Arsenal. Goalkeeping coach works there is a former player of Shakhtar Artem Tetenko. Keep in contact with him? How it is represented in the role of a coach?
– Yes, long known Artyom, another youth teams. Unfortunately, a serious injury did not allow him to continue his playing career. But the better for his coaching work. Before he began, quickly master this intricate craft. I’m sure Artem will succeed. He trained and played in the miner, therefore, has considerable experience. Wish Artem luck in his new role, the more he and a group of children in the Arsenal of trains.

– Talked with him about the upcoming match?
– Yes. Arsenal trains in Happy, where they play their home games our youth team. Several times we crossed there, talking. To be honest, the Arsenal players are not very happy about the Cup draw. According to them, the miner is always a pleasure to play, but better at a later stage… in short, we agreed that this is football and everything is possible.

– Summing up, what kind of game do you expect Sunday?
– The game will be hard, sometimes even rude. Arsenal have nothing to lose, he will fight. But we – miner. Should go out and show their level.

On August 22, 2015, at the capital’s stadium. Viktor Bannikov will be the match of 1/16 finals of the Cup of Ukraine on football between the teams of Arsenal Kiev – Shakhtar Donetsk.