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Terim has filed a lawsuit against 21 people

Терим подал в суд на 21 человека

Coach Fatih Terim, Turkey has sued 21 man for insulting him and his family after the match against Spain in the championship of Europe

Recall that in the second round group stage of the European championship 2016 national team of Turkey, under Fatih Terim lost to Spain with the score 0:3. After the match Turkish specialist took a barrage of criticism, but it trouble for Terim has not ended.

In different social networks, a completely different image of more than two dozen people began to insult the coach and his family, for which Istanbul is quite reasonable filed those in court.

Lawyer Rezan epozdemir the coach commented on the incident as follows:

“Everyone has the right to love or not to love someone, everyone has the right to criticize. But to unleash a barrage of insults on family members and not a born grandson Terim is, to put it mildly, immoral. It is impossible to compensate for those people damages. Family has been undeserved curses”.

Recall that Turkey took the third place in group D, however, failed to qualify in the 1/8 finals of the European championship.