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Svitolina: I end the year in the top twenty, which makes me very happy

Свитолина: Я заканчиваю год в топ-двадцатке, чему очень рада

The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina has summed up the results of the most successful, in her opinion, her season

“Can I call 2015 the year your best season? Of course, it is. I end the year in the top twenty, and I am very pleased. Of course there are things that I would like to change. Not only in your game, but in the preparation. Like today, my body was not ready for the match, I think I need to work more on a physical form, to be healthier throughout the year. You also need to think about better planning of the season.

There are many details that play an important role when you are playing at a high level. The little things are very important. In this match some of the details didn’t let me win,“ said Svitolina.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina stopped in the semifinals on the women’s WTA Elite Trophy