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Surkis: to Sell Yarmolenko in the summer meant the same thing and cut off the finger Rebrov

Суркис: Продать Ярмоленко летом означало то же, что и отрезать палец Реброву

President Dynamo Igor Surkis told why not let go of summer Andriy Yarmolenko.

“Many people have criticized the extension of the contract with Yarmolenko – say, the motivation is not the same… God Forbid that every player had that kind of motivation, like Yarmolenko now. And even decency, like Andrew, which is also very important.

I a priori couldn’t do. And Yarmolenko got it. I proved that he should stay. Andrew talked not only I, but also my brother. And this man is wiser, knows more football than I do. We were able to prove to him that there is something higher Patriotic than to go play somewhere in Europe, and for less money than you get today in the local club.

We respect your desire to play a new, more qualitative level. But you first, help the team, the backbone of which was created around you. You’re the leader today. Always in the team was leader. Was Alexander Shovkovskiy leader, at one time Shevchenko was the leader, Andrew left has become the leader of Sergei Rebrov. In any team there is a leader, and the team admits it. The leader may be more formidable and authoritative as, for example, Luzhny, who was afraid of everything. But Yarmolenko is a modern leader. And he understood, and signed the contract. Smart people understand that the auction could not be. If it was crushed or somehow influenced, he would have signed a contract for six months or a year. But he signed a contract for five years. We shook hands. There is an offer which will suit Andrew – we agree!