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Surkis: Punishment for inappropriate behavior at stadiums ridiculous

Суркис: Наказания за неадекватное поведение на стадионах смехотворны

Vice-President of UEFA Grigoriy Surkis has shared his opinion about the problem of security in stadiums.

Vice-President of UEFA Grigoriy Surkis believes that security in football stadiums Ukraine needs to reform existing laws:

“Alas, we have again and again raised the issue of security at football matches. Remember how much noise was after incidents with mass wymaganiom spectators on the lawn of the Olympic national sports complex last season? Then I said that by themselves the problems will not go away – you need to roll up our sleeves and work every day, 24 hours a day, primarily with the public. A need for more effective prevention of bullying behaviour and other manifestations of violence in the stands.

With regard to existing methods of law enforcement in the football stadiums of our country, the necessity for its revision – within existing regulatory and General legal norms, and in future more effective and systematic approach at the legislative level.

I’m talking about the changes in legislation. Look here – recently passed a law against corruption in sport, co-authored became the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko. This proves that this is the most important for the full development of football solution is realistic to pass through our Parliament.

Appropriate structures finally received the necessary tools to fight unfair actions by direct participants of process of the football – players, coaches, referees, managers, clubs, agents, etc. But now it is clear that the time has come to address the issue of responsibility and the other hand – the spectators in the stadium.

At the moment we have to admit that the current penalties for inappropriate behavior at football stadiums is just ridiculous and in no way serve as a deterrent to potential offenders. The majority of the misconduct of unruly fans qualifies as disorderly conduct and does not incur tangible sanctions.

Ran onto the field to “talk“ with the goalkeeper in the match, shown live on national television? Get symbolic fine. Decided with a group of friends beat some disliked the fans? Can escape punishment if the victims are for some reason not filed a statement to the police. I suspect that that will happen – perhaps in many respects so happened the famous episode on the match Dinamo – Chelsea.

It may be worthwhile to separately classify similar offenses in domestic and international matches, as in the latter case inter alia raised the issue of the image of the whole country, the improvement of which is one of the main national interests in our time.

In this context, also there is a need for legislative support for the match officials and law enforcement officers a clearer and more effective mechanisms for the identification of violators, their prompt isolation and further prevent the football arena.

This, among other things, will help Ukraine quickly and painlessly to ratify the future Convention of the Council of the EU on the safety of sports competitions, which at a recent meeting in the House of football said the head of the UEFA Department for stadiums and security mark Timmer. By the way, the implementation of this Convention will help Ukraine in the fight for the implementation of significant football events, including the Champions League final in 2018.

As in the case with the anti-corruption law, the context may be obsecrationem. And in this connection I would like to see a proactive stance not only FFU, concerned the scale of the problems that may hinder the implementation of its ambitious projects. The process should also actively join the Ministry of youth and sports and other bodies with legislative initiative“, – said Grigory Surkis.

Earlier it was reported that representatives of FARE fixed how the Dynamo fans broke four black fans who also supported the Kiev team. Later were called the participants of the fight.

For this violation Dynamo would deprive or exclude points from the Champions League.