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Surkis: If in the League will have ten teams battle-worthy, then let it be ten

Суркис: Если в чемпионате будет десять боеспособных команд, то пусть будет десять

The President of Dynamo Kyiv Ihor Surkis has told about the vision of development of the Ukrainian championship

“The football Federation and the Premier League have to assess cases in our football, to understand what happens in it. The same Metalist can support the Governor and the mayor to provide him conditions for training. And the salaries of the players will find the ability to pay of local businessmen. Then this command will be saved. Leonid Klimov did the right thing, even before the start of the championship club has revised its strategy and living within our means.

Moreover, if tomorrow Dinamo will encounter the same situation, I too will tell about it publicly. But you cannot afford not to pay people the wages in existing contracts! Yaroslavsky sold the entire team, with great players. All that he has created over the years. He loved football, having done nothing great for Kharkiv team.

It’s difficult to speak for all. But if in the League will have ten teams battle-worthy, then let it be ten. Too early to talk about the structure of the championship, not knowing who would participate. Stored in General, our football and hope that tomorrow will be better. The country will go to Europe, will be a thriving nation. Don’t know how long this will take time, but we all hope so,“ said Surkis official website of Dynamo.