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Surkis: I am for the new format – 12 teams in the championship and playoffs

Суркис: Я за новый формат - 12 команд в чемпионате и плей-офф

President Dynamo Igor Surkis in television programs about football and the Great football expressed their attitude to the situation with the format of the championship of Ukraine

“We need to do 10-12 teams in the League. Let there be playoffs. But not one of four teams, where one will play along. While six teams of two competed for the Champions League and four for the Europa League. Then people will come and know that they bought tickets for honest football. Six teams, two circles. And Cup a one off match.

For me the most important thing for the fans rejoiced and filled the stadium. I agree that we need something to think about with the championship of Ukraine, which is currently about as we took decisive Champions League game: no picture, no interest from anyone. If before TV we were paying at least some, does not solve anything for our club, Shakhtar, Dnipro, money, now we come to the fact that if they refuse to pay at all, then I will understand. Because there is nothing to show! Interesting 4-6 games. How can we compete with the European giants if we play a game in which all stand in their court and we trusims that they, God forbid, the counter is not held. No hurry” – said the President of Dinamo.