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Stetsenko: It would be interesting to look at the foremost wanting to buy a Dnepr

Стеценко: Было бы интересно посмотреть на очередь желающих купить Днепр

Dnipro CEO Andriy Stetsenko assured that Igor Kolomoisky will continue funding the club.

“The reality is that about any sale of the club or a change of ownership, it is not. And anyway, it would be very interesting to see the line of people waiting to buy a football club Dnipro.

The club has no problems with financing. If any delay on the salaries of players are present, these issues will sooner or later be solved. And don’t need to speculate on this issue. I can say this: since my meeting with the players it’s been four days. During this time none of them said he wants to leave Dnipro, including by reason of delays in salary payments. Apparently, the players are satisfied with their salaries so that they are willing to tolerate certain delay. The coaching staff also continued its work.

In the river will not be such that we will build the game of our youth. Of course, we will attract young players to participate in games if they are to deserve this, but we remember one very good football saying “I want to fly from the highest League – place your bet on young people”. And, for example, proof of this are the current performance Zaporizhzhya metallurg. We have a difficult financial situation. Yes, we will not at this time to make large investments in players, but also to go to the other extreme don’t want,” – said Stetsenko.