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Stepanenko: no Concussion, but the eyes can’t open

Степаненко: Сотрясения нет, но глаз открыть не могу

Shakhtar midfielder Taras Stepanenko told about his injury in the match against rapid Vienna

Thank God there’s no concussion. After the match I was taken to the hospital, examined. Did a head x-ray in different projections. Then came the neurosurgeon, checked reflexes. And under local anesthesia left seven or eight stitches to remember, said to take a week.

Mr. said that you didn’t feel the hand…
– Yes, probably due to shock, my hand went numb, but now everything is fine.

The moment of impact remember?
– Yes, jump, sharp shock – and already lying on the ground.
– Do you often suffer from injuries to the head, dissected…
– You see, I have this position – must be constantly fought for his head. This time too it happened: we both jumped for the ball. This is the usual game time, which could happen to anyone. In these episodes, you feel instant pain, and yesterday I even saw the blood flowed!
– How are you now?
– That’s better. They gave me pills, and I normally slept. The only one not able to open the right eye, didn’t see this. And my head hurts a little. Nothing a couple of days and all will be fine. If the recovery goes well, I will be able to participate in a return match with rapid.

Recall that in the match against rocking the Pitmen’s midfielder has suffered a serious injury. Right from the field covered in blood Taras Stepanenko was taken away by ambulance. The match itself ended with a minimal victory of the miner on rocking in the first leg play-off round of Champions League qualification.