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Stepanenko: After 3:0 we relaxed

Степаненко: После 3:0 мы где-то расслабились

Ukraine midfielder Taras Stepanenko commented on his team’s victory over the team of Belarus.

“I want to congratulate all the fans, all who supported us with the victory.

After 3:0 we relaxed. Was not the same concentration, made mistakes that resulted in a goal. The game showed that we could score even more. I think we dominated the game.

If we talk about the officiating, the referee pulled it off. He was allowed to play. Football is a contact sport. Well, I mean it’s constantly whistling. All right, claims to the arbitrators have no.

There is power in Slovakia? Well, will have to see the game take off (smiles). In Slovakia we are expecting a tough game against a good team. But we also want to cling to second place, and we have every chance.

Garmash made a big mistake. He your mistakes and learns. Not the first time he gets such a card. Somewhere gets excited and forgets… Maybe it’s a matter of concentration. If he was not a yellow card, it was possible to say that he makes everything right. He went on a foul, but since the card he had, had to be more responsible. Well, he’s made his choice.

Once again I want to thank the audience. In Lviv was a crazy atmosphere. There is always a team of very good support. A huge thank you to the fans, they were a real force, like a 12th player,” said Stepanenko.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmit)net reported that the Ukrainian national team with the score 3:1 defeated the team of Belarus in UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying.