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Stan Wawrinka – US Open winner!

Стэн Вавринка - победитель US Open!

Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka beats Novak Djokovic for the first time in his career becomes the winner of the U.S. Open.

Reporting to the finals the teams have come in quite different conditions. Wawrinka spent on the court almost 20 hours, improving his game before our eyes. Very strained starting the tournament, the Swiss demonstrated a frankly uncharacteristic tennis, however, two steps to the final he defeated Juan Martin del Potro, and then is defeated kei nishikori. In both matches he was not a favorite, but always surely won.

The Serb, however, spent on the court, two times less time, half of its rivals passing on their failure. Novak stated that well-prepared and the lack of practice should not prevent him to gain passage to the end of the tournament. However, verification in the form of two parties with Tsonga in the 1/4 and four sets of obscure tennis Monfils in the semifinals, it was difficult to call needs preparation for the real finalist Wawrinka.

That, in turn, not only not lost his life in the finals of majors – he did not give a single final match of the last ten! Impressive stats, which could have a psychological impact on both players.

However, Wawrinka is awful entered the game and is the first game on the pitch of the Swiss over the break. Novak led 3:0, and Stan continued to get involved in the match. As for Serb, he operated almost faultlessly until the ninth game. Having already left to serve in the first game, Djokovic made two unforced errors, securing their third double of the error. Wawrinka like the Phoenix rose from the ashes and returned to the intrigue in the party, which already did not hope almost no one.

By this time Wawrinka has clearly entered the game and everything is sharper and more powerful American favorite backhand, which sometimes put in a difficult situation the first racket of the world. Supply Nola it’s more in the first set I didn’t grab the tie-break to drag the party has managed. Statistics thirteenth of games in the matches between Djokovic and Wawrinka more than eloquent – 8:1 in favor of the native of Belgrade. And the Serb did not disappoint their fans. Forcing the three to make a mistake Stan in length, the Joker never gave their balls, confidently confirming its superiority over the Swiss in this component.

In the second set, Wawrinka continued the offensive, and the Novak is noticeably hooked psychologically. In the second match of his uncertainty was transformed with break. Two double and crazy backhand from Stan and you’re done! A great chance to level the score. However, the next game began with three errors. The Swiss did not give up and turned on the flow. When the Swiss won their fourth goal in a row, for the entire 23-strong court broke its wild “Ola”, which was informed that the second set he will not let go. So it seemed at first. In the next game on the pitch Stan the break happened. First he tore Stanislas strike, and then Novak had a protracted draw. At this point it seemed that the Swiss lost, but he proved the opposite. After winning his serve at zero, Stan got really pissed and started playing like a beast. Breathtaking shot on the line was the Swiss, which he earned dual set-bol. Realize it is not big deal – helped Nola, made a mistake in a stressful moment.

It is worth noting that winning the second set, Wawrinka became closer to the achievement for the previous 29 years, only two players managed to win the final of the US Open, losing the first set to Del Potro in 2009, and Edberg in 1992). Already in the first game of the third, largely determines the set, Stan had to get the next point on his serve. Giving 15:40, the Swiss managed to equalize, and then emerge victorious from the kind of swing that gave him a Serb. In the next game Wawrinka makes the break, demonstrating incredible game. A series of mind-blowing pranks will continue pretty Novak does a back break, bringing full equality in the game – 3:3. Already in the end of the set, when all went smoothly the second tie-break, which does not like to play Swiss with the first racket of the world, Stan managed to tie the score 30:0, STA submitting to the Serbian and the first attempt to implement a set-bol! Such turn was not expected by anybody.

In General, the third party was almost the best of the tournament. For 76 minutes, the opponents got up to eight break points, two of which demonstrated one hundred percent implementation, Stanislas realized. Novak was happy to take foreign filing only once.

The fourth game started again with a break from Wawrinka! It is not climb in any frameworks. The local audience was in shock and Djokovic visibly taken aback. Novak was wrong more often, and Stan successfully went to the net, though often hesitantly played smash. Backhand at Stanislas worked perfectly and loved the combination with the transfer line held at a constant basis.

At this point, something happened that was so afraid of all around – Djokovic limped. The finale, which until this moment justified all the expectations placed on it, could be terminated “prematurely”. However, Wawrinka is clearly not considered such a scenario is premature and short – lived- the Swiss has been tasked to win the match and the sooner the better.

Novak called the therapist that incredibly infuriated his opponent. Wawrinka complained that Novak allowed to communicate with a doctor just before its submission, and even outside designated on these things transition. However, the status of the first racket of the world played a role, and the Serb has admitted the medical staff. Djokovic holding during the previous drawing in the groin, this time removed both Shoe and showed to the whole world of blisters on the fingers, which prevented him to win the trophy. Unfortunately, the doctor failed to help Novak properly and returned to the court, he continued to limp and significantly smaller and slower to move on the floor. To the credit of the Joker – he continued to fight. Like a lion like a tiger, but he chased every ball and first won his serve and then got three (!!) break-points on the opponent’s serve. Wawrinka did not spare his opponent, driving out of one corner, but was wrong himself. Vymushiv still win the game on his serve, the Swiss was quiet and not without problems, but still brought the match to win. To its third victory in the Grand Slam tournaments! In the third final of the Grand Slam tournaments! Fantastic.

It would seem, what could be cooler? Cooler can only be his compatriot Roger Federer, who won seven of his first finals in his career. However, it’s not about the coolness of the Swiss tennis and coolness specifically.

He did repeat the achievements of del Potro and Stephen Edberg, who won the US Open, losing a starting party.

Bravo, Stan!

Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 1) – Stanislas Wawrinka (Switzerland, 3) – 7:6 (1), 4:6, 5:7, 3:6

Стэн Вавринка - победитель US Open!