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Stakhovsky weak-willed inferior to the seventh racket of the tournament

Стаховский безвольно уступает седьмой ракетке турнира

Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky failed to oppose the Croat against Cilic already at the end of the second round leaves the singles of the US Open championship.

Few people gave preference to Kiev in the match against the seventh-seeded Cilic, but this only removed unnecessary tension with Sergei and gave another reason for jitters Horvath. So it seemed before the match. When the meeting began, Marin very quickly put everything in its place. Frankly, on the court was a tennis player and he is clearly not hurting for Dynamo Kiev.

In the first set, Sergiy managed to take only one of his serve, losing all six games. Cilic worked at the reception and the strength of the Croatian forehand can tell each member of the Tour.

In the second set, Marin continued to act in an aggressive manner and this was again borne fruit. Stakhovsky again was enough only for the start of the game and after the score 2:1 in favor of the Ukrainian points scored only Cilic.

The third set repeated the previous two games with the difference that this time the Ukrainians managed to win three games.

A little over one and a half hours lasted the meeting, Stakhovsky failed to demonstrate a hint of struggle. In the end, Sergei joined Alexander Dolgopolova, who left the tournament in the first round, and the only Ukrainian in the men’s singles remained Ilya Marchenko, who tomorrow will meet with Damir Jumhuri.

It should be noted that in the double mesh men’s competitions Stakhovsky claimed in duet with Dolgopolov, but, apparently, the Ukrainian couple doesn’t come out in the first round match against the Austrians matkowski and Melzer because of injury the first racket of Ukraine.

Sergiy Stakhovsky (Ukraine) – Marin Cilic (Croatia, 7) – 1:6, 2:6, 3:6